This week’s Monday Mentions is focused on the Entrepreneur Incubator or EI for short. EI is a membership based organisation dedicated to developing and growing Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. They also offer training programmes for matric scholars interested in starting their own businesses.

EI is run by Bruce Wade. In 2005 Bruce left his 20 year career in the IT corporate world to serve as a life coach. He has a passion for helping small and large businesses succeed as well as equipping entrepreneurs with the tools they’ll need to effectively and successfully thrive in the business environment. Through the years he has developed a multitude of products, workshops and training material, with numerous clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

Today Bruce offers everyone the unfair advantage by using EI’s free Business Feasibility Assessment which is available when you register on their website. So before you start to build or plan a business visit their website to find out how to do it properly –

If you are in Grade 12 then why not join EI’s matric programme geared at training school leavers to succeed in the business world. To find out more about it visit his website by clicking here.

NB Media is proud to be an associate of EI and highly recommends their services.