Welcome to the first “Monday Mentions” on NB Media. Each Monday a client of NB Media will be showcased on the blog and mentioned on our Facebook page and Twitter. The aim of this is to promote the numerous clients of NB Media and give you, the reader, some useful information on local businesses.

Today’s client is SPL!NG Movies.

SPL!NG Movies is owned and run by Stephen ‘Spling’ Aspeling. His website, www.spling.co.za, is dedicated to reviewing movies and providing you with information so that you can make an informed decision when next picking a film to watch. Stephen is not just a film fanatic but also has a B.A. degree in Film, Media and Visual Studies from the University of Cape Town. It’s the combination of these two elements, passion and training, that help to provide valuable insights and reflections on all his movie reviews.

SPL!NG not only provides great movie reviews, each with their own rating on the SPLING-O-METER, but also  has another service to make the decision of what movie to watch, even easier – SMS reviews. To read more about this fantastic offering click here.

SPL!NG movies is the ultimate site for anything and everything to do with movies and film. Not only can you read online reviews but you can also buy DVDs and film merchandise as well. With Christmas just around the corner why not visit their website and see what you can get for a loved one.